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  • 男士西服修改(A类)

  • 女士西服修改(B类)

  • 西裤修改(C类)

  • 大衣修改(D类)

  • 皮衣修改(E类)

  • 皮裤修改(F类)

  • 皮裙修改(G类)

  • 皮草修改(H类)

  • 牛仔、休闲、运动裤(I类)

  • 衬衣、T恤修改(J类)

  • 毛衣、针织衫修改(K类)

  • 连衣裙修改(L类)

  • 短裙修改(M类)

  • 风衣、夹克修改(N类)

  • 羽绒服、棉衣修改(O类)

  • 旗袍、婚纱、礼服修改(P类)


Booking Order

  • STEP-1:Booking One Order

    (Methods: download eTailor APP、WeChat service number、TAOBAO website or telephone appointment)

  • STEP-2:Customer service will contact with you to schedule a convenient time

  • STEP-3:Deliver your clothes by visiting service or express

  • STEP-5:Send back the clothes after alteration

  • STEP-4:The tailor make up programs and realize it


step 1:Take A Picture
Take a picture of the clothes and contact with our customer service to list the requirements.

step 2:Schedule A Convenient Time
Our customer service pricing for the alteration and schedule a convenient time with you

step 3:Payment
Online payment(E-bank/Alipay);

step 4:Post
Post your clothes to eTailor

step 5:Feedback
When we received the parcel, eTailor customer service will contact with you once again to check up the requirements, as quickly as possible in three days.

step 6:The tailor works
Our tailor begin to work after the customer pay.

step 7:Sent back clothes
When the work has been completed, the clothes would be sent back as soon as possible(default choice sf-express)

Warm prompt: Please fill out the note

Before your sending the package, please check out the package that you have to put in a note which was fill out exactly, then we can get the informations about customer. The required informations just like those:

name、telephone、send back address、clothes quantity、alteration requirements、send back express choice.

Why Choice eTailor?

Professional equipment, advanced technology, exquisite workmanship, derive from eTailor's effort, we are strict with each link, improves the quality of the test and strive for each alteration were Non-trace alteration.

eTailor Central Studio

VIP customer reception area, design area, the tailor working area and material area compose eTailor central studio, the division of labour and the management are mature, perfect technique, all of those we have done just hope to bring more professional service to our customers.

Japan-Brother Lockstitch Sewing Machine

Computer Controlled Lockstitch Sewing Machine. If you actually know less about the clothing sector, you don't know how important a good lockstitch sewing machine for a high quality garment.Why some alteration costs so high?The reason is to choose a good machine.

Computer-Control Cup Seaming Machine

According to the various garments, the tailor may take diffrent kinds of overlock way.We've always pay attention to details, at the right place doing the right thing is very important, or else taking a T-shirt overlock way to your worth hundreds of thousands of suit, and that would be sad.Modern alteration is really not the traditional tinkering, it put a greater emphasis on customer's requirements.

Computer-Control Interlock Machine

The normal sewing machine can sewing some cloth materials, but the interlock-machine can sewing thicker materials, and do better at balance the elasticity and fastness than others normal sewing machine, now you know that how important it's for your to choose the right machine and the right tailor to get clothes alter by fur or fur clothing.

eTailor High Quality Overlock

Technical decision quality.

The Most Fastidious On Shoulder For Suit

If the shoulder of a suit was altered on bad or slanting, then it can not be wear any more.It is for this reason that so many small tailoring shops doesn’t provide suit shoulder alter services.

Clothes Measure Notice

eTailor Clothes Measure Notice